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Industry Marketing

industry marketing that accelerates your growth

Leverage Our Experience Across Multiple Industries to Differentiate & Grow.

Accelerating Growth.

When it comes to branding and marketing, time is money and standing out is critical for success. Partnering with a full-service marketing company that has worked in multiple industries allows you to leverage new, modern, and proven ideas quickly and effectively.

Whether operating within industry-specific marketing regulations, working with cybersecurity and privacy concerns, or navigating international trade and investment details, we are focused on differentiating your brand and setting you up for success.  

Energized? Let's grow!

Industry Marketing Activation

Does Marketing Experience Across Multiple Industries Give You an Edge?


Whether looking to attract more consumers to your automotive shop or promoting specific vehicle programs and warranties, we know how to rev up leads for your products and services.  

Automotive industry marketing that aligns to online and offline consumer behavior has the best opportunity to create an ongoing and loyal customer base for your company. Let our website, branding, digital marketing, and public relations experience drive up the traffic that will enable you to grow. 


Turbocharge. Let our website, branding, digital marketing, and public relations experience drive up the traffic and opportunities you need to grow.

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Driving Consumer Traffic Never Has a Speed Limit

Automotive Marketing
Aviation Marketing


An Aerospace Marketing Lift that Helps You Soar 

Whether working with Aerospace manufacturing companies, MRO organizations, or aviation non-profit associations, we are passionate about helping companies soar.


Our aviation marketing experience has enabled us to develop industry-detailed websites, sales materials, brands, digital marketing, and public relations pieces that are timely and effective. 

Take Off: Ready to create a flight plan for your growth? We’ll be your co-pilot.    

Consumer Products

Our consumer marketing efforts combine powerful design, branding and messaging in a personalized and emotional manner that engages  buyers in an actionable and memorable way. These elements can be replicated and applied to digital and print pieces for use in retail stores, strategic partners, and sales representatives.


Whether working in an Amazon marketing environment or conducting B2C Marketing services to bring traffic to your business, we combine websites, digital marketing, branding, and public relations to increase your visibility in a crowded marketplace. 

Crowd. Are you ready to drive foot traffic to your products and services? 


Personalized B2C Marketing that Inspires Sales

Consumer Product Marketing

EWISE Marketing and Communications has implemented cybersecurity practices that protect our clients, our systems, and our team from cyber-attacks.


We know how important this issue is. In fact, in December 2020, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce asked us to speak about our marketing cybersecurity experience.

You can rest assured that our efforts will be aligned to cybersecurity practices that  keep you and your customers secure. 



Pharmaceutical marketing, medical device marketing, laboratory marketing –you name it, we’ve done it. When it comes to healthcare marketing, clear messaging and a focus on details are critical for satisfying consumer needs, regulatory bodies, and other key stakeholders.

Our diverse healthcare marketing experience makes it easier to effectively position and promote new ideas, products and services. More importantly, given our domestic and international healthcare work, our team is hyper-aware about industry specifics like FDA clearance vs. certification, CE approval, etc.

Catalyst. Ready to work with a team that has experience reaching patients, doctors, and medical professionals?  Look no further.  


Marketing Supporting Medical Industry Growth

Healthcare Marketing
Manufacture Marketing


B2B Product Marketing and Distribution Go Hand-in-Hand

We have deep ties with the manufacturing community and know how to position a company to make them stand out. Whether targeting distributors, domestic and international sales channels, or new industries, or ideal job applicants, we can help you zero-in on the marketing and communications you need to build success.


 Whether developing product videos, product photography, spec sheets, multilingual websites, distribution sales packets, or specialty packaging, a full-service marketing company like ours can help you efficiently prioritize and deliver what you need.   


Mass-Produce. Ready for marketing that breaks bottlenecks? We are!     


When marketing for non-profits, you need to champion a mission while continually engaging members and organizations, to be ambassadors for your goals. We leverage our B2C and B2B marketing skills to activate constituents and efficiently keep your organization’s cause top of mind.

From digital marketing and event planning to sales and sponsorship material development, our experience supporting non-profit organizations spans many years and multiple industries. 

Benefactors. Ready to work with a marketing company that was nominated for community impact in 2020? If so, that’s us! 😊 


Marketing Targeting Individuals and Organizations

Nonprofit Marketing

Real Estate

​Whether marketing for commercial real estate space or for land investment properties, we help buyers envision financial success through leasing and purchasing from you.

We do this by coordinating ongoing communication programs that support sales efforts, providing tenant communications, 

increasing  property visibility, building targeted databases, engaging the  community, and activating digitally beyond your immediate radius.

Realty. Ready to work with a team that will help you close deals?  If so, we’re ready. 


Commercial Real Estate and Land Investment Marketing

Real Estate Marketing
Small Business Marketing

Small & Medium-Size Business

Marketing with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having consistent marketing while leading a business or growing department is not easy. However, leaders know that without market awareness, it is hard to generate sales and open doors that are critical to success.   


Marketing for growing companies needs to be targeted and narrowly focused on sales and opportunities. Furthermore, these marketing efforts should be commensurate with the company’s size and goals –not cookie cutter and wasteful.   


Dedication. Our focus is on developing and calibrating marketing in a way that best suits YOU. Ready to grow?  


Technology and tech product development is constantly evolving. Tech companies need to leverage experienced marketing techniques that seamlessly combine complex sales and marketing in a way that generates and captures timely opportunities.  


They also need a marketing company that understands how to incorporate concepts like martech marketing – everything from mobile app development, ecommerce, CRM and email marketing, digital marketing, public relations and more. 


Bandwidth. Ready for to expand your awareness and reach with no latency?  We’re Agile and Ready! 


B2B Tech Marketing that Delivers at the Speed of Innovation    

Technology Marketing
EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

"I’ve managed marketing for a global airline for more than 20 years – this team REALLY knows their stuff."


Lee - Director of Marketing

Fmr. Global Airline Marketing Executive

Marketing Tricks

Looking for Fresh Ideas Based on Real-World Experience?

Contact us for a free marketing consultation (and EWISE mug)!

Not all marketing trends and tricks are suitable for every business. Understanding the details will help you prioritize your creativity on activities that will yield the best marketing results. 


Ready to Shine?  We’re ready to help you get there!

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Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate and Land Investment Marketing

​Whether marketing for commercial real estate space or for land investment properties, we help buyers envision financial success through leasing and 
purchasing from you.


We do this by coordinating ongoing communication programs that support sales efforts, providing tenant communications, increasing  property visibility, building
 targeted databases, engaging the community, and activating digitally beyond your immediate radius.

Realty. Ready to work with a team that will help you close deals? 
If so, we’re ready.   

Working with them is the highlight of our organization! They are knowledgeable, creative, and feel like an extension of our team!

CEO, FinTech Organization

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