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Your company's Brand is not just a logo. It is everything your customer experiences when engaging with your company. It represents what you showcase visually and verbally in a way that helps the marketplace understand and believe the kind of organization you are presenting yourself as.   

Having a strong and recognizable brand attracts customers, employees, and partners. This is done by developing:


  • A logo or family of logos that are recognizable, memorable, and embody something that can be trusted

  • Messaging that is clear and connects with your target audience  

  • Imagery that reinforces your passion behind your commitments  

  • Marketing campaigns that remind your customers and employees of your company's mission statement

  • Brand standards and guidelines that help deliver consistency across everything the company does

Magnetic. Ready for a corporate identity that helps you stand out? Let’s grow!

Corporate Identity Development

Why is Branding Important?

How We Make It Easy

Listen and Turn Ideas into Reality

We facilitate brainstorming sessions that allows us to get the ingredients we need to concept your vision into specific branding pieces.

Create Standards & Consistency

We develop brand standards and guidelines and create new and updated marketing materials that are aligned to your new brand.

Launch & Reinforce Your Brand

We strategically coordinate your rebranding efforts across multiple platforms and then manage marketing campaigns that reinforce your new brand.

Want to grow? Include Bolstering Your Brand as Part of Your Strategy. Trusted Brands Are More Successful Overall.
Your brand's purpose is now more important than ever. Having a clear definition for your brand provides a creative framework from which your organization can grow.   

Let’s talk about Numbers:

Improve Local and Targeted Website Traffic   

Digital Ignition is a coworking and technology incubator that faces stiff competition from larger coworking spaces.  They depend on a highly optimized website in order to be in consideration when individuals and companies are making space selections online.  

A recalibration of the website content, hyper focus on specific keywords, and targeted digital content and online marketing activity resulted in:  

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include with our Branding Services?

Ready to Build a Timeless Brand While Keeping Everything in Motion?

Let's Go and Grow

Brand is more than a logo –it is everything your customer experiences when they interact with you.  We can help you build, launch, and implement a brand across your organization in a way that re-inspires your customer base.

brand development

Let’s Differentiate You from the Competition


Increase in property leasing and land investment sales.


Increase in website traffic and digital lead generation.


Increase in land acquisition in target areas within the U.S.

Rebranding to Align to Modern Opportunities 

A timberland and real estate investment company sought to rebrand its 35-year-old family business in order to attract new investment opportunities.


Our efforts brought a fresh and updated look to their company by:    

  • Creating a family of logos for the different divisions within their organization  

  • Coordinating new real estate photography, drone videos, and virtual tours to modernize the company’s customer and investor experience 

  • Developing a new website and digital assets that aligned to the newly updated brand  

  • Creating a brand standard guide to help document the company’s history as well as well as set consistency guidelines for the new brand

  • Designing new sales and marketing materials that helped attract land acquisition opportunities and property investors

  • Training internal teams on the new brand guidelines and procedures

Teed Up. This new look helped the timberland and real estate investment company sell properties, establish critical partnerships, and acquire one of the largest land assets in the United States.   

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level. 

Logo Development

Whether creating a new company mark or something for multiple product lines, we help you design a strong logo that represents you.

Messaging Development

Our team of writers can help define a clear corporate message, elevator pitch, or strong value proposition that resonates.

Brand Standard/Guideline Development

We delineate your brand into a framework that allows internal teams and external partners to represent your brand consistently.

Brand Marketing Campaigns

We coordinate communications programs that visually and verbally carry your message and reinforce your purpose and role in the market.

Naming and Rebranding

We help develop new company and product names as well as modernize your existing brand in a way that brings new energy to your organization.

Website & Sales Material Development

We develop new digital and print marketing materials that align to your new brand and set you up for growth. 

Product Package Design

We design and re-design packaging in a way that helps your product stand out, is functional and compliant, and aligns with your brand.

Brand Collateral Development

We create materials that support your brand's marketing efforts, such as brochures, business cards, flyers, and other print or digital materials in a way that’s consistent with your brand's visual identity.

Brand Partnerships & Co-branding 

We help you build the materials needed to collaborate with other brands or organizations to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and strengthen your brand's reputation.

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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