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We Help Your Manufacturing Company Target and Package Success

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Marketing that Helps Manufacturers Stand Out. Manufacturers encounter many challenges when trying to market their products.  From long complex sales cycles and wholesale versus retail messaging, to differentiating their products domestically and internationally, it is easy to get overwhelmed. When we help a company create a manufacturing marketing strategy, we provide a strategic, proven approach that has a track record of delivering results. As a sales-oriented marketing company we are passionate about:

  • Developing product spec sheets and distributor marketing information that helps boost sales across key networks.

  • Creating engaging product websites, sales apps, videos, and animations that showcase product usage clearly and concisely.

  • Leveraging digital marketing tools to boost online sales channel efforts that further enhance all outreach efforts.

  • Elevating the brand of a manufacturing company with marketing campaigns, public relations, digital marketing and strategic sales-oriented communications plans.

Lean Manufacturing & Marketing. Are you a manufacturer looking for an experienced marketing agency that understands your industry and B2B sales channels? Let’s grow!

Marketing Importance

Marketing for Manufacturing Companies Looking to Boost Sales

How We Make It Easy

We Listen and Organize

We listen and recommend ways to prioritize your product sales and marketing efforts while differentiating from your competition.

We Create, Coordinate and Distribute

Whether developing product labels and spec sheets or sales playbooks and distributor materials, we create pieces that activate your target audience.

We Measure and Keep Beating on the Drums

We make sure you stay top of mind by regularly producing and scheduling targeted communication pieces.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include With Our Manufacturing Marketing Services? 

Website Design & Development

We develop and optimize websites that incorporate digital marketing, SEO, and all the best practices necessary to bring your company to the top of Google searches.

Branding That Brings Clarity

Having a dynamic logo, consistent look, and clear messaging gives your company a tremendous professional look and competitive edge.  We use our messaging expertise to set you on a path towards success.

SEO for Top of Google Search

We implement search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to help your manufacturing company be at the top of online search when your target buyers are looking for the solutions you provide.

Digital Marketing That Expands Reach

Reaching your target audience and building a strong ecosystem can help generate leads.  Whether activating social sales through LinkedIn or Instagram or managing email campaigns, we can help build the right program.

Public Relations That Boost Visibility

We distribute press releases, pitch manufacturing industry journals, and engage media to increase your credibility, help you breakthrough new markets, and activate target local, national and international groups.

Ongoing Communications to Stay Top of Mind

We create and schedule multiple digital and offline communication campaigns to help your manufacturing company stay top of mind with decision makers wherever they may be.

Is Your Manufacturing Website Calibrated to Reach Your Buyer?

Free Website Assessment

As a manufacturing company, having a strong web and online presence that stands out, helps you generate leads, and reinforces why people should work with you has never been more important.

Fill out our form or Contact us to find out more about our free website assessment.

Alpharetta Marketing Company Say

Perception is Reality.

Your Company’s Online Presence Impacts Sales

According to Wunderman Thompson Commerce research, 90% of the respondents said they expect a similar experience when buying on a B2B site as they do on a B2C site, and 72% said they want a better mobile experience from B2B suppliers. 

This underscores the importance of making a good impression online. Your website, social presence, email campaigns, and SEO strategy define how your prospective buyers and customers see you online.

Jetaire Group Company Branding:

Branding, Website, Sales Materials, Email Marketing, and SEO

An aerospace manufacturing company needed to modernize their marketing efforts to reach and compete digitally and across new markets. To do so, we helped them:


  • Rebrand and create consistent digital and print materials that targeted lessors and MROs.

  • Develop a website with SEO enhancements to help them rank higher when buyers searched for FAA, ANAC, AFAC, and EASA compliant products and services.

  • Coordinate email marketing campaigns targeting different aircraft types and regions.

  • Distribute global press releases and pitch local/international media to increase visibility with their target audience.

  • Coordinate award submissions and recognition events to expand credibility with customers, industry peers, and partners around the world.

  • Develop corporate videos to boost employee retention and recruitment efforts.

Increasing Global Sales. Our manufacturing marketing efforts helped make this aerospace company an award-wining organization that continues to grow domestically and internationally.


The Answers You Need

This really depends on the type distribution network, but the key is to:

  • Empower them with product training materials (e.g. sales playbooks and training) and making it easy for them to sell by arming them with key marketing pieces (e.g. product spec sheets and demonstration videos). 

  • Staying top of mind through ongoing product communications and campaigns (e.g. digital marketing, special product pushes, etc.) 

What’s the best way for manufacturers to market to distributors?

Marketing for manufacturing companies has evolved in recent years and a strategic communications plan should include categories such as: 

  • Internal communications to attract and retain employees given the challenges in finding workers to help manufacturing companies adapt technologically and from a supply chain perspective. 

  • Product marketing that makes it easy for your sales channels (like partners and distributors) and target audiences (new and existing customers) to purchase your products. 

  • Digital marketing that helps optimize lead generation and stay top of mind with your ecosystem.

  • Public relations that strengthens your company’s reputation while differentiating it from the competition. 

What should be included in a B2B manufacturing marketing strategy?

Yes and no. Manufacturing companies have multiple sales channels that have to be the priority of any marketing program. Some of these may be complex and some based on ecommerce. At the end of the day, regardless of your target audience, it is about developing a marketing plan that creates intersections that lead to conversion and growth.

Does marketing for manufacturers differ from regular marketing?

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