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The Right Marketing at the Right Time = Results.

Marketing Services

As the leader of a growing company, you don’t have time to keep up with the latest marketing strategies and tactics that will produce the results you are looking for.   


The benefit of a full-service marketing firm like us is that, regardless of your size and needs, our experienced team can help you figure out what you need (and don't need) from a marketing perspective to reach your goals.  

That's what good partners do, and that is what we intend to be for all our clients.

 Refreshing, isn’t it? 

Marketing Services

What is the Best Marketing for Your Growing 
Company Now?



Whether looking to rebrand or create a new corporate identity, clear messaging and imagery that tells your story verbally, visually and authentically is critical to establishing trust with your target audience.


Solid brands experience higher sales, better employee retention and accelerated business growth. Interested in those marketing results?   

Branding is About Creating a First and Lasting Impression

Brand Development



Web design and development reflects your brand’s tone, your company's alignment to today’s marketplace, and your organization's ability to provide a customer experience that is positive as well as engaging.


We develop websites on Wordpress, Elementor Pro, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and a variety of popular website platforms to help you effectively showcase your brand, your products, and your services.

A Solid Website is as Important as a Firm Handshake

Website Development


EWISE Marketing & Communications is a woman and minority led company that started during the 2008 recession and is now celebrating almost 15 years in business?


As a result, we develop sales and marketing materials that are written and designed in a targeted as well as culturally sensitive manner.


Google Search

Reaching the top of Google search requires a balance of content, design, coding, and keyword structure that aligns with the decision-making process of online search engines.


Like a sales rep qualifying leads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) bubbles you to the top when buyers are looking for the solutions you provide. Want to turn your website into a sales rep? Add SEO! 

Businesses Are Discovered with SEO (and Hidden Without It)

Public Relations &

Media Relations

Engaging the media, participating in the community, and winning awards helps your organization earn the credibility it needs to gain a competitive advantage in the minds of decision makers. It is also a great way to earn goodwill with new audiences and employment candidates looking to work for a winning company.    


Reporters are looking for new stories and companies to feature.  

Let’s put you on their radar! 

Third Party Validation Never Gets Old

Media Relations

Digital Marketing & 

Social Media

Reaching and staying top-of-mind with target audiences is critical.  Whether coordinating email campaigns, setting up multiple payment systems, implementing Google, LinkedIn or Facebook ads, or coordinating social media posts, we will create the right balance of “digital marketing” that will support and elevate your business.   


Digital Marketing done right allows you to expand your reach and target your efforts in a way that is relevant and fun. Ready to grow and showcase your corporate personality? 

Target Marketing from the Comfort of Your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone

Social Media Marketing



Full-Service Marketing companies like ours work with a variety of industries and with companies of all sizes. Whether trying to attract new customers, develop strategic communication plans, pitch investors, incorporate new marketing technology, or expand into new markets, you and your team can leverage our experience by engaging us on both long and short-term consulting projects.


Ready to take advantage of our training to accelerate your results?  We’re in it to win it too! 

Sometimes a Nudge or a New Marketing Perspective is All You Need

Marketing Consultant



Integrated Marketing campaigns that incorporate unique events, creative emails, engaging social media, informative direct mail pieces, newsworthy press releases, and eye-catching ads will help your company breakthrough the noise and reach your target audience when it counts.   

As a full-service marketing firm, our goal is to create and coordinate pieces that energize the market you serve. Ready to create an impact?  

Lead Generation and Marketing Results Make the World Go Round

Marketing Campaign



Who has time to write content, create videos, and/or design online posts?! Yet turning ideas and accomplishments into something creative and tangible is critical to support your web, digital marketing, sales, and ongoing communications efforts.    


The good news is that, as a full-service marketing agency, we have digital, creative, and technical writers on standby ready to represent you. Case studies, training videos, product spec, and/or brochure needs? Bring it!

You’ve Got to Tell It and Show It 

CRM & Email 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have become an important way of managing communications, but what makes these specialized database tools work is the coordinated marketing that is incorporated with them. 


These marketing pieces, often referred to as a drip campaign, are designed to automatically communicate with everyone in your funnel at the right time and at the right intensity.  

CRMs and other marketing technology still need a human touch to properly calibrate email, social media, and other communications to be effective. Working together is the key to making it all work. Ready?

Staying Top of Mind is Priority

Email Marketing
Marketing Company Meeting

Want to Brainstorm Before Making a Decision? 

Come on over or give us a call!

As a full-service marketing agency, we enjoy bringing our branding, digital, and content experience to the table.


Ready to collaborate?  No time like the present, contact us!

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

“The EWISE Communications team did an impressive job determining the scope, goal, execution plan and production for the work assigned to them. I would highly second EWISE Communications as an attentive, driven, and committed team that will deliver high quality work on-time.”


Chris - Head of UX,

Global Retail Company

The EWISE team accomplished more in 30 days than the 5 previous marketing agencies we have used! Their prime focus is to see you succeed.

Co-Founder, Imaging Company

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