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it's not about us, it's all about you 

Our Team is About Delivering the Best Marketing Experience You've Ever Had.

Your Goals, Our Mission

If you were to walk the halls at EWISE, you’d see us smiling, writing, designing, making calls, and fully engrossed in representing our clients. That’s what we do – we get into it, just like you. We do it because: 

  • We believe in stepping into your shoes and prioritizing marketing activities based on business impact. ​

  • We believe in the details and personalization that will give you an edge over your competition. ​

  • We believe in your goals and we embrace your vision as our own. 


If you’re looking for cookie-cutter marketing company that uses a menu of generic services, we are not the company for you.  We don’t believe businesses grow that way.   

At the end of the day, we believe in you, and that is what gets us up in the morning!

A Marketing Company That Understands the Responsibility of Growth 

Growth Marketing

Meet Your Team

Joanne Sanders


President & Marketing Business Strategist



Team Know-it-Owl

Marketing Operations


Marketing Operations & Tech Integration


Air Filtration & Morale Oxygenator 


Graphics & Digital Design


Program Manager

Cuppa Joe

Productivity & Efficiency Captain

Marketing and Business Development


Marketing & Business Development


Acoustic Harmony Rocker


Marketing & Design


Digital Content Support


360 Visualization

Sarah F.

Marketing Manager


Work Life Balance Master

Lauren N.

Digital Media & Public Relations

We Love to Make Marketing Matter. We are a marketing team that proudly works hard, plays hard, and balances even harder so we can exceed our client’s expectations each and every time. Awesome marketing requires a creative team that loves brainstorming and making plans. Oh, and a wicked sense of humor also helps too.

Marketing Integrity & Humanity Live Here

Our marketing company was founded by a former sales executive that got frustrated with marketing and decided to open her own type of agency—one that was business focused, honest, creative and committed.   

You don’t have to have everything figured out before contacting us --- we know you are slammed! However, you can count on us to:  

  • Tell You What You Need and DON’T Need – There are a lot of marketing options, but we’ll focus on those that will help you grow first.   

  • Avoid Confusing Marketing Jargon – We’ll discuss recommendations clearly so that you understand what you are getting before we begin.  

  • Prioritize Marketing Activities Based on Business Impact – Opportunities make the world go round, full stop.  

  • Do the Right Thing – Even if it means not recommending you work with us. We must live with ourselves and the impact we have on the universe --we will not mislead you.  

Marketing Integrity

Our Marketing Journey

Fun Facts About Our Company

Years in Business


Years in operation serving local, domestic and international companies.

Cups Of Coffee & Tea


Consumed per year to stay alert, build relationships, and get it done.

Industries We've Served


Ranging from healthcare and technology to aviation and automotive.



We actually think it's more but we're too busy to count them all. :)

Looking for a Creative Marketing Team that is Ready to Drive Growth?

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Your goals are all we need to get us inspired and brainstorming on the perfect marketing campaign that will help you grow.

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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