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The world is busy. That’s why it is important to build, manage, and communicate on a regular basis to a solid customer and target prospect database so that new opportunities are captured and customer loyalty is increased. 

Having an active customer relationship management (CRM) system helps businesses automate communications as well as deliver personalized marketing messages that are more likely to activate a specific buyer. Depending on your database size and segmentation, CRMs can also help you implement account-based marketing programs successfully.   


These systems can also track deals, align to social media activity and efficiently integrate your sales and marketing efforts. 

Increase Wallet-Share. Ready to turn your connections into more business? Let’s grow!

Email Marketing & CRM Campaigns

​How Important is Regular Marketing for Your Network & Database?

How We Make It Easy

Help You Build & Organize 
Your Database 

Whether in a CRM system or a homegrown database (we don’t mind Excel spreadsheets), we help you build, tag, and improve the customer data you work with. 

Activate & Align Databases to
Sales Funnels

We help you develop profiles, create trigger email/social communications, and set up automations that make targeted outreach possible. 

Create Content, Schedule 
Distribution & Track 

We keep you top of mind with your customers and prospects by developing fresh content as well as tracking and triaging leads received for timely follow-up. 

Personalized Email Marketing Has Higher Open and Activates Target Audiences of All Types.

When done right, it lets them know you are listening and makes the email a refreshing experience.

Let’s talk about Numbers:

Improve Local and Targeted Website Traffic   

Digital Ignition is a coworking and technology incubator that faces stiff competition from larger coworking spaces.  They depend on a highly optimized website in order to be in consideration when individuals and companies are making space selections online.  

A recalibration of the website content, hyper focus on specific keywords, and targeted digital content and online marketing activity resulted in:  

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level.

Need Help Setting Up Marketing Automation Within your CRM?

Let us Handle the Details!

Whether working in Salesforce/Marketo or maximizing a CRM system included with your website, we facilitate a brainstorming session to get all the details we need to set this up for you. 


Ready to Make Personalization Easy?  Contact us!

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include in our CRM & Email Services?

crm & email marketing

Marketing Automation That Keeps You Top of Mind with Buyers


Increase in event attendance due to targeted emails and social media posts


Increase in membership thanks to ongoing and prioritized sales communications


Increase in sponsorships due to organized and branded communications

Email Marketing Success

Marketing to Increase Membership & Sponsorships 

An Atlanta-based aviation and aerospace nonprofit organization was looking to implement an email marketing strategy that would accomplish the following: 


  • Organize their multiple databases into one system to track membership billing, sponsorship, and event attendance activity 

  • Send automated emails for members and non-members in order to increase sales and activate engagement.

  • Integrate marketing activities with their website and other technologies in order to effectively centralize database information

Mobilize. We continue to bring unprecedented growth to this non-profit organization that is now expanding its reach from local markets to all across the southeast  

CRM Set Up, Management Reporting

We set up tracking and reporting on sales funnel movement, database activation, and customer behavior so that we can continually refine CRM activities, accelerate conversions, and build loyalty.

Marketing Automation Set Up

We automate rapid response for current customer email/social activity, contact form submissions, or specific campaign actions so that your sales team is able to reach out to them directly and efficiently.

Email Marketing Customization

We create email templates as well as custom pieces to support targeted email activation efforts with other promotional activities. Both general and segmented emails are tracked and aligned with your business goals.

Email Marketing & CRM Integration

We help integrate your digital marketing activities with your website, social media dashboards, and other technologies so that all customer touch points can be tracked and measured in a centralized way.

Database Building & Organization

We organize your data and ensure that it is tagged and sortable so that you can implement your marketing outreach activities in a smart, effective and targeted way.

Segmented Marketing & Trigger Email Coordination

We schedule and create communications, with relevant content for your target audiences, in order to activate your database in a personalized, time-sensitive, and engaging manner.

Email Drip Campaign

We create drip campaigns that help move your target audience closer to the sale over time. By using a series of automated emails, we can help you nurture leads and drive conversions.

Email Deliverability

We monitor email deliverability to ensure that emails are successfully delivered to the recipient's inbox, without being blocked or filtered as spam. Our email deliverability optimization improves email deliverability and maximizes email marketing ROI.

A/B Email Testing

We conduct A/B testing as part of our email marketing services to determine the most effective way to reach your target audience. This helps you to make the most of your email campaigns and improve conversion rates.

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level. 

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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