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"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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nonprofit marketing

We Help Your Organization Engage Members, Sponsors, and the Community

Cause Marketing Focused on Growth. Organizations that are on a mission to educate, bring like-minded people together and/or challenge the status quo need to activate people to achieve their goals. When working with non-profit organizations and industry associations, as a sales-oriented marketing company we are passionate about:   


  • Implementing targeted and integrated marketing campaigns that engage key audiences.  

  • Increasing visibility through public relations, community outreach, and canvasing efforts.  

  • Coordinating events and programs that reinforce the value of the organization. 

  • Leveraging digital marketing and social media strategies to reach new audiences.  

  • Driving emotional imagery and branding that reinforces the organization’s purpose. 

  • Developing strategic relationships that builds ecosystems and strengthens reach.  


Donations. Ready for marketing that energizes and activates giving? Let’s grow!  

Marketing for nonprofit organizations

Looking to Increase Membership and Fundraising Efforts for your Non-Profit?

How We Make It Easy

We Listen
and Calibrate

We listen and recommend ways to turn your mission into a prioritized marketing plan that fits your ecosystem and goals.

We Create, Code and Distribute

We produce communication pieces that are impactful and focused on activating your target audience.

We Measure and Keep Beating on Drums

We make sure you stay top of mind by regularly producing and scheduling targeted communication pieces.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include With Our Non-Profit Marketing Services? 

Website Design & Development

We develop and optimize websites that incorporate digital marketing, SEO, and all the best practices necessary to bring your company to the top of Google searches.

Branding That Brings Clarity

Having a dynamic logo, consistent look, and clear messaging gives your company a tremendous professional look and competitive edge. We use our messaging expertise to set you on a path towards success.

SEO for Top of Google Search

We implement search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to help your company be at the top of online search when your target audience is looking for the cause you support. 

Digital Marketing That Expands Reach

Reaching your target audience and building a strong ecosystem can help generate leads. Whether activating social sales through LinkedIn or Instagram or managing email campaigns, we will work with you to build the right program.

Public Relations That Boost Visibility

We distribute press releases, pitch medical journals, and engage media to further establish your credibility, help you break through new markets, and activate target local, national and international groups and organizations.

Ongoing Communications to Stay Top of Mind

We create and schedule multiple digital and offline communication campaigns to help your company stay top of mind with decision makers wherever they may be.

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Is Your Website Doing All It Can for Your Tech Company?

Free Website Assessment

As a tech company, having a strong web and online presence that makes you stand out, helps you generate leads, and reinforces why people should work with you has never been more important.

Fill out our form or Contact us to find out more about our free website assessment.

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Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) Popular and Charitable Giving Expected to Rise

According to Giving USA, most donations come from individuals, yet the pandemic instilled a sense of civic responsibility within people and corporations. Endowments that were once an afterthought are now at the top of donors’ priority lists. This is the time for non-profit organizations to engage in marketing that will help them grow. 

The American Red Cross

Community Relations & Cause Marketing

During the pandemic, the American Red Cross was not able to hold its regular life-saving blood drives at corporate offices and schools throughout the city.  Furthermore, given the desperate need for blood during COVID, this non-profit organization needed to reach new donors to meet the demand of local hospitals and emergency care centers. 


Working closely with the community blood drive team leads, we helped them: 


  • Identify a location that was not under lock down and would be available year-round to host blood drives. 

  • Activate marketing programs that reached out to new donors and community groups. 

  • Recruit corporate human resource partners to incentivize employees to donate during the Red Cross events. 

  • Facilitate online registration and event coordination for each event. 


Result:   All blood drives we helped them with were sold out – which were made up of 79% new donors.  Furthermore each 6-hour event collected enough blood to save more than 225 lives. As a result of our efforts, EWISE Communications was also nominated for the Community IMPACT award for our quick action in helping the American Red Cross address the urgent need for blood donations during the pandemic.

nonprofit marketing for redcross


The Answers You Need

No. While for-profit companies and non-profit organizations use similar marketing techniques, their focus is on reaching customers to purchase their products and services. A non-profit organization is focused on building awareness, recruiting volunteers, and engaging financially through donations and sponsorships instead –making the branding, messaging, and ongoing communication approach quite different. 

Is non-profit marketing the same as regular marketing?  

Yes. We can create websites that align to a specific membership-management system, or operate independently utilizing ecommerce best practices that capture registrations and financial transactions. 

Do you develop websites that make it easy for people to register for an event, become a member, or donate to the organization?  

Yes. Whether tagging and working through an existing database or leveraging the focused advertisement capabilities of social media platforms, we help you coordinate a digital marketing program that reaches audiences at the right place and at the right time.

Do you sequence targeted email campaigns and digital marketing programs based on personas?

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