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"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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We Help Your Small Business Move Faster Than the Big Guys

SMB Marketing Focused on Growth. 

The most important skill needed for working on marketing for small and medium size companies is the experience to quickly target communication activities in a manner that produces results. Most small and medium sized companies are looking for:

  • Websites that are supercharged to generate leads and rank high on Google searches.

  • Ongoing communications that keep them top of mind with prospects.

  • Digital marketing that leverages specific ecosystems and targets growth.

  • Sales tools (digital and hard copy) that activate sales as well as positive customer experiences.

  • A team they can trust to take the marketing lead so they can focus on their business. 

TenacityReady to get your business moving? Let's grow!

Marketing for Small Business

Looking to Make it Big? 

How We Make It easy

We Listen and Prioritize

We turn your ideas and challenges into a marketing plan that is prioritized based on business impact.

We Create and Distribute

We draft and produce sales and communication pieces designed to activate your target audience.

We Keep Beating on Drums

We make sure you stay top of mind by regularly producing and scheduling targeted communication pieces.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include in Our Small Business Marketing?

We develop and optimize websites that incorporate digital marketing, SEO, and all the best practices necessary to bring your company to the top of Google searches.

Having a dynamic logo, consistent look, and clear messaging gives your company a tremendous professional look and competitive edge.  We use our messaging expertise to set you on a path towards success.

Reaching your target audience and building a strong ecosystem can help generate leads.  Whether activating social sales through LinkedIn or Instagram or managing email campaigns, we can help build the right program.

We distribute press releases, pitch trade journals, and engage media to increase your credibility, help you break through new markets, and activate targeted local, national and international groups.

We create and schedule multiple digital and offline communication campaigns to help your company stay top of mind with decision makers wherever they may be.

We implement search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to help your company be at the top of online search when your target buyers are looking for the solutions you provide.

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Is Your Website Doing All It Can for Your Company?

Free Website Assessment

Having a strong web and online presence that stands out, helps you generate leads, and reinforces why people should work with you has never been more important.

Fill out our form or contact us to find out more about our free website assessment.

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Rebranding Your Small Family Business Takes Heart

Small Business Marketing, Branding and Your Family - Your loved ones have spent decades working hard to create a successful family business and everyone takes great pride in the legacy they are leaving behind.

Small Business Marketing Success:  Digital Ignition

Branding, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, SEO, and Local Marketing

Digital Ignition is a coworking and tech incubator facility in north Georgia. In order to differentiate and grow occupancy, they sought to rebrand and reposition their company in the marketplace as well as increase their local SEO and Google rank to generate leads from the geographic area they serve.

As a marketing team we:

  • Strengthened their brand and developed new sales materials that monetized different aspects of the building.

  • Activated public relations and community outreach by developing strategic relationships with local chambers and non-profit organizations that also served their target audience.

  • Created a new website, activated SEO & digital marketing, and coordinated ongoing communication activities for the company.  

Results: Our marketing efforts lead to:    

  • 1200% Increase in unique website traffic within a 15-mile radius.

  • 120% Increase in event attendance.

  • 98% Member retention rate during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Increasing visibility. Furthermore, we turned the center into the official tech incubator for the county, and garnered media coverage from local and state publications as one of the fastest growing coworking and tech incubators in the state.

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