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healthcare marketing

Precision Medicine Approach Applied to Your Marketing Goals

Marketing to Physicians and Patients is a Regulated Effort.  

Whether you are working on Direct to Consumer (D2C) campaigns for a pharmaceutical company or coordinating marketing programs targeting physicians for a MedTech firm, understanding how to build effective communication initiatives that can also navigate regulatory guidelines is critical to success.

Having this type of personalized medicine and healthcare marketing experience helps us efficiently implement outreach programs that stay within the boundaries of approved medical indications and claims. This is the case for everything from medical device packaging and bottle labeling to websites and press releases.

Precision. Ready for a marketing program that boosts your medical products within regulatory parameters?

Healthcare Marketing

Why is Medical Industry Experience Critical for Healthcare Marketing Success? 

How We Make It easy

Create a Marketing Treatment Plan

We turn your ideas and challenges into modern marketing plans that effectively reach patients and physicians online and offline.

Create & Activate Your Target Market

We leverage precision medicine-type tactics to coordinate marketing campaign pieces that expertly represent your product/service.

Measure & Keep Beating on the Drums

We keep you top of mind by regularly reaching out to patients and physicians in approved ways.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include with our Healthcare Marketing Services?

We develop websites that incorporate digital marketing, SEO, and all the best practices needed to bring your MedTech company or medical practice to the top of Google search.

We create dynamic logos, a consistent look, and clear messaging to give your healthcare company a professional look and competitive edge that will set you on apart from your competition.

We help you understand what keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitors so you can increase your market share. Sometimes a simple keyword adjustment can make all the difference.

We coordinate targeted digital marketing programs that leverage everything from email to social media to help you reach patients and physicians in a controlled manner.

We distribute press releases, pitch medical journals, and engage media to increase your credibility, help you breakthrough new markets, and activate targeted local, national and international groups.

We create and schedule multiple digital and offline communication campaigns to help your healthcare company stay top of mind with decision makers wherever they may be.

Is Your Website Doing All It Can for Your Healthcare Company?

Free Website Assessment

Having a strong website and online presence that stands out, helps you generate leads, and reinforces why people should work with you has never been more important.

Fill out our form or Contact us to find out more about our free website assessment.

Alpharetta Marketing Company Say

Medical Device Marketing

Medical Device Marketing Leveraging Digital Marketing Technology for Growth. Like most industries during the pandemic, the medical device market focused on digital marketing as an extension of its personalized medicine approach.   

Healthcare Marketing

Branding, product launch, sales material, tradeshow marketing, website development, and distributor training.

Considered by many to be the “Cadillac” of medical device companies in the urology market, Dornier MedTech had expanded into new global regions, added some of the brightest minds to its scientific staff, and developed new product lines all around the world...but no one knew about it. Working closely with their senior executives, we:

•    Rebranded the global company and launched a new look in less than 3 months.
•    Developed sales materials, trained global distributors on new messaging and positioning.
•    Helped coordinate product launches and campaigns in less than 2 weeks.  
•    Relaunched their newest CE approved product into European, Asian, and Latin American markets via multiple tradeshows.
•    Launched new marketing campaigns for FDA approved medical device products within the U.S. market

Result: In less than 3 months, specific product sales increased by 38% and all global product sales increased by over 25%.

Medical Device Labels and Packaging

We help you design and produce labels as well as packaging for your MedTech or pharmaceutical product in a manner that is CE/FDA compliant.

Physician and Patient Sales Materials

We collaborate with you to design and write marketing pieces that support sales at tradeshows, pharmacies, hospitals, and special medical events.

OTC Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising

We help design in-store point of sale marketing pieces for over-the-counter pharmaceutical and healthcare products.


The Answers You Need

The short answer is yes. GlobalData recently stated that the financial statements of some of the top medical device companies indicate that the industry has recovered to pre-pandemic levels –and is in fact set to surpass $700 Billion by 2030. This provides a great opportunity for medical device companies to ramp up their marketing campaign efforts to capture that growth. 

Is the Medical Device Industry Growing?

No. The medical device industry has specific regulations that must be adhered to. Working with a marketing company that is knowledgeable of these regulations will help ensure that everything from product development to specific digital marketing programs are compliant. Whether being cautions of making medical claims, developing FDA or CE approved labeling/digital marketing pieces, or having a process for adverse reaction reporting, an experienced marketing team can help you focus your communications approach appropriately.

Is Medical Device Marketing the Same as Regular Marketing? 

The answer depends on the nature of the medical device market you are in. In the past, many medical device companies used to rely on tradeshows to market their products. The pandemic limited the effectiveness of this approach, which is why many companies turned to medical device digital marketing strategies. Companies have had to do everything from designing new websites and improving Google rank with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to leveraging email and social media to reach their target audience more successfully.

In fact, according to many studies, email marketing and social media were the most popular channels being utilized to promote new medical device products into American and European markets. While a variety of marketing approaches were attempted, these proved to activate lead generation and boost sales more effectively (while still staying compliant). Other digital tools leveraged include video –but these were often imbedded in emails and social media.

What is the Best Medical Device Market Entry Strategy for 2022 and beyond?

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