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Marketing campaigns strategically promote a product, service and company by using multiple communication methods designed to make a splash and reach your target audience. To be effective, marketing campaigns need to integrate all these moving parts in a way that produces results. 


Some marketing campaigns lean more heavily in one direction versus another (e.g. more public relations vs direct mail) but smart marketing campaigns are integrated in a way that provides balance when developing pieces. This produces both a short-term sales gain potential and a long-term brand building effect. Marketing campaigns done right should be made up of pieces that:  


  • Increase sales and attract buyers/specific target audiences.​

  • Launch a product, service or brand.​

  • Improve market visibility, credibility, and market share.​

  • Keep you top of mind with your target audiences.​

  • Increase lead generation and website traffic.​

  • Promote events and increase sponsorships and registrations.​

  • And so much more!​


Reach. Ready for a marketing campaign that sets the stage for growth? Let’s grow! ​

Marketing Campaigns That Activate

How Can Marketing Campaigns Help Your Business?

How We Make It Easy

Map Out Goals, Budget & Relevant Marketing Activities

We narrow marketing options to activities that are laser focused and targeted to provide the best chance for desired results.

Prepare Pieces Using Targeted Messaging & Design

We create visually dynamic pieces that provide clarity and encourage buyer action.

Launch and Monitor Progress Across Channels

We are constantly tracking results and metrics across all channels to capture data that helps us fine tune campaigns.

When Marketing Campaigns Are Active on Multiple Channels, Your Ecosystem is Energized

If you provide something to everyone, chances are a greater number of people activate. 

In Case You're Wondering...

What Types of Marketing Campaigns Do We Work On?

Need an Integrated Marketing Campaign ASAP?

That’s What We Do Best!

We can focus on developing and distributing creative videos, social, print, ads, website content, reels, and any other items needed. You can focus on leading us and enjoying all the metrics behind our efforts. Sound like fun?

marketing campaigns

Let's Elevate You Across All Your Channels


Increase in global sales within the first 6 months


Increase in new customer acquisition within global markets


Increase in average trade show traffic and onsite sales

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We create digital marketing campaigns that activate and engage your social network, customer database, prospect list, and website visitors to continuously generate interest and reinforce your brand.

Public Relations Campaigns

We create public relations campaigns that garner earned media and press coverage that build your credibility with reporters and influencers writing about your industry, community, and product/service offering.

Social Marketing Campaigns

We create social media campaigns that creatively develop ads, post content, and engage in conversations with your target audiences in order to jumpstart positive online chatter regarding your brand, products and/or services.  

Event & Trade Show Marketing Campaigns

We develop event and trade show related marketing campaign materials designed to increase booth foot traffic, boost show visibility, and advance product and service conversations with decision-makers stopping by. 

Ongoing Marketing Campaigns

We create, distribute and schedule ongoing marketing campaigns that strategically send out information on multiple print and online communication channels in order to stay top of mind with target audiences.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

We develop campaigns that leverage the power of different communication methods to launch greater awareness of a product or service. In doing so we coordinate print, digital, mobile, video, radio, and media/press efforts. 

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We connect you with influencers who can help to promote your product or service and expand your reach to your target audience.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

We keep PPC optimization in mind when we create strategic ads for search engine results. Our PPC Campaign management helps drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and produce conversions.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We set up email marketing campaigns that use the power of email automation, drip campaigns, and trigger email coordination to engage audiences and keep them “in the know” about your brand.

Marketing Campaign Success  

International Product Launch

A MedTech company wanted to increase sales and take their new urology medical device product to the next level.  Working with hundreds of distributors, physicians and patients worldwide, we were charged with developing a medical device product launch and healthcare marketing campaign that created:


  • Distinct marketing pieces for physicians, consumers, and distributors

  • A sales playbook to educate partners and sales representatives worldwide

  • Web, print, and digital marketing pieces that were consistent with their new brand   

  • Trade show booth and communication pieces to drive foot traffic at global industry summits

  • Videos and photography for future marketing and real-time internal communication purposes


Jumpstart. Our product launch created worldwide demand and helped internal teams be aligned with all the marketing campaign pieces required for success. 

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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