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Public Relations and Media Relations help you build a reputation that achieves many critical things for your brand. More specifically it:

  • Garners media coverage and showcases thought leadership

  • Builds credibility across your target industries

  • Supports recruitment efforts and engages your local community

  • Boosts morale and internal communication efforts

  • Increases visibility with industry influencers  

  • Supports your website’s SEO and digital marketing efforts  

  • Opens and solidifies relationships with strategic partners and media  

  • Raises your profile through awards and speaking engagements 

  • And so much more  

Kudos. Ready to Come Out From Behind the Clouds and Shine? Let's grow!

Public & Media Relations

How can Reputation Management Help Your Business Grow?

How We Make It Easy

Outline Key Messages

& Research Targets

We develop key talking points and research media/awards/community groups for relationship building.

Build Media Lists & Public

Relationship Plans

We leverage our database of key reporters, trade publications and awards to develop a targeted local and industry PR plan.

Distribute, Pitch & Track

Press Releases

We push out, pitch, and track press releases and advisories to targeted outlets in order to secure media coverage and opportunities.

How Does Coverage Benefit Your Business?

Media coverage gets your message across to a wider audience and helps establish your business as a credible as well as making its activities notable.

Let’s talk about Numbers:

Improve Local and Targeted Website Traffic   

Digital Ignition is a coworking and technology incubator that faces stiff competition from larger coworking spaces.  They depend on a highly optimized website in order to be in consideration when individuals and companies are making space selections online.  

A recalibration of the website content, hyper focus on specific keywords, and targeted digital content and online marketing activity resulted in:  

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include in our Media Relations and Public Relations Services?

Need to Get the Word Out?

Let’s Chat Media Outreach

Whether pitching local and broadcast networks or targeted trade or national outlets, we can help you reach specific reporters and gain the credibility you are looking for.

Public Relations

public & media relations

Increasing Visibility & Reputation Gets You Ahead


Increase in lead generation from both new and existing customers.


Increase in open rate of target email marketing and public relations efforts.


Increase in converted international sales from target regions.

Public Relations Creates a Competitive Edge

Local, Domestic and International Press Coverage Changes Everything 

A manufacturing company, after receiving several global certifications, sought to increase their visibility on the world stage in order to boost international sales as well as improve local and regional recruitment efforts.  Working closely with their senior leadership team we:

  • Developed a media and public relations plan that kept their ongoing innovation and growth in the news and top of mind.

  • Pitched them for awards that focused on their industry leadership, pioneering achievements, and local community contributions.

  • Integrated our public relations plans with a digital marketing campaign to ensure both online and offline channels were engaged.

  • Coordinated tracking of all public relations, media relations, and marketing efforts to promptly respond to any interview requests as well as triage any sales opportunities.

Leap. The visibility and credibility gained through public relations helped them secure the largest international contracts in the history of the company. 

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level. 

Press Release Drafting & Distribution

We draft press releases and media advisories as well as coordinate their distribution to targeted news outlets and influencers.

Media Relations, List Building & Pitching

We develop local and industry-specific media lists to secure interviews and build relationships with key news outlets.

Social Media Posting & Engagement

We create, post, and engage on social media channels to activate and grow your database and targeted ecosystem in a way that builds credibility.

Spokesperson Training & Prep

We prepare company spokespersons with media training as well as prep you before any interview with news outlets or reporters.

Reputation Management & Community Relations

We engage with relevant local groups, industry associations, and global organizations in order to elevate your company's reputation with target communities.

Event Planning & Management

We coordinate pre, during, and post engagement activities to ensure promotions and communication with attendees is fully maximized.

Crisis Communication

In the event that your brand is ever faced with a crisis, we will help you to develop a crisis communication plan that helps you recover quickly and efficiently. We manage all aspects of communication during a crisis so that you can focus on your top priorities in that unprecedented time.

Thought Leadership & Content Creation 

We help to position your brand’s leaders as industry experts by creating content that demonstrates your expertise. In this way, we can capture your thought leadership through content like blog posts and informative videos that provide value to your target audience.

Stakeholder Engagement   

We help you manage stakeholder communications by developing strategic, customized, and integrated ongoing outreach plans –allowing you to communicate effectively across a variety of communication channels.

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

Marketing helps define, organize, and champion your corporate brand (visuals, mission/vision, messaging, service offering, etc.) with buyers and decision makers. Public relations takes marketing components of your active brand (community commitment, accomplishments) and turns them into announcements and activities that engages the media and public (which includes both decision makers as well as the general public).  Together marketing and public relations work as brand ambassadors to build a well-rounded and positive reputation with all the audiences a company interacts with.   

How does Marketing and Public Relations Work Together?

Absolutely. In fact, one of the fastest ways to boost your digital marketing efforts is by activating public relations.  For example, whenever you put a press release out or you gain media coverage, the digital sites that carry that information are mentioning your brand and linking to you –boosting your website authority as well as your internet search rank.  These PR sites, unlike PPC campaigns, concurrently boost your brand reputation by providing positive news about you (not just your name and website).  This helps all audiences feel more comfortable with your brand versus your competition.

Does Public Relations Help Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Yes. Public relations services are focused on helping you boost your brand’s reputation in the broader market.  This includes everything from making specific announcements through press releases, building media relations by reaching out to specific reporters, managing social media activities that champion the company, coordinating rapport and activities with community groups that compliment the company’s brand, as well as submitting for relevant awards to get third party validation for the outstanding work being conducted by the company.  

Does Public Relations Services Include Media Relations, Community Relations and Awards? 


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