Marketing consultants at EWISE understand that branding, digital marketing, and public relations are changing. Our team of marketing consultants also understand that variability in market dynamics, workforce challenges and new communication methods can make it all seem overwhelming and hard to keep up with. 

To ensure that your brand is resonating, that your outreach is focused, and that your marketing systems are set up for success, it is crucial to have the knowledge that an experienced marketing consultant can provide. 

Strategic Marketing Plan

Our marketing consulting services will help you refine your outreach efforts in a way that is impactful. We can tailor a strategic marketing plan that can address everything from new market entry to organizing specific branding, website design, marketing campaigns, and digital marketing initiatives.

Planning. Ready for a marketing consultant that will get you to the next level? Let’s grow! ​

Experienced Marketing Consultant Services

Marketing Consultants Bring Strategic Focus & Results to Life

How We Make It Easy

Calibrate Your Business
Goals with Marketing Activities

As business-minded marketing consultants, we course-correct or delineate new strategies to produce results and help you sort out what you need (and don’t need) to meet your objectives. 

Outline Steps & Develop
Tailored Marketing Plans

We efficiently organize the details and design a marketing plan that creates both short- and long-term results in a manner that engages partners and employees. 

Create & Coordinate
Marketing Pieces and Schedules

We brainstorm marketing activities and turn plans into a sequenced set of activities that are managed and measured regularly by our project management team. 

Marketing Consultants Inspire New Ideas

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to understand how to implement new initiatives that will differentiate you in the marketplace.

Let’s talk about Numbers:

Improve Local and Targeted Website Traffic   

Digital Ignition is a coworking and technology incubator that faces stiff competition from larger coworking spaces.  They depend on a highly optimized website in order to be in consideration when individuals and companies are making space selections online.  

A recalibration of the website content, hyper focus on specific keywords, and targeted digital content and online marketing activity resulted in:  

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include in our Marketing Consulting Services?

Would a Marketing & Business Alignment Workshop Help You?

Understand Before You Implement!

Whether you are modernizing your brand or implementing new sales and marketing tools, our marketing consultants can help answer questions and decipher what is needed (and what is not). 

Brainstorming and whiteboarding is one of our favorite things. Contact us!

marketing consulting services

Marketing Success Begins with Understanding What’s Needed to Reach the Next Level 


Increase in leads and opportunities from new industries and sources.


Boost in web traffic from direct, organic and social sources triggering new SEO efforts.


Turnkey marketing consulting effort that helped the virtual assistant company work independently. 

Growth Marketing in Action

Virtual Assistant Company Focuses Value Proposition

A new virtual assistant company was having trouble differentiating themselves from the competition. 

Marketing consulting sessions with our team led to:

  • Marketing Clarity. We worked with internal teams to update the company logo, brand messaging, and product descriptions to provide visual and verbal clarity about what the company offers

  • Website Enhancements. We advised on design updates, content, SEO, and technology components to match today’s digital expectations

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies. We applied our sales and marketing background to develop marketing plans that would more efficiently reach and activate their target audience

Power of Clarity. With a better understanding of what they needed to course correct in order to get on a path towards growth, this virtual assistant company saw results that put them on a path for success. 

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level. 

Branding and Marketing Consultants

Who can help you build a strong visual, verbal, and purposeful brand that aligns to your goals and can be reinforced through a variety of marketing services.

Digital Marketing Consultants

Who can help you define what social platform, communication channels, advertising, and tools to use to automate and track activity efficiently.

Public Relations Consultants

Who can help you leverage media, awards, and community relations in a way that will elevate your brand and give your company a competitive edge.

Content Strategy Consultants

Who can help you define content topics, designs, and delivery methods that showcase your brand in dynamic and impactful ways.

CRM Consultants

Who can help you marry a sales funnel strategy with marketing automation in a way that sends the right communications at the right time to your network.

Global Marketing Consultants

Who can help you identify international opportunities and develop localized communication plans that will help you grow in any market.

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

Marketing consulting services are provided for companies and businesses that are ready to grow. From healthcare providers to law firms, marketing consulting services can help grow your business through a tailored marketing approach.

Would marketing consulting services help my business?

Often times, businesses have trouble pinpointing what area of marketing they need to focus on to promote organic growth. Marketing consulting services help you develop a useful marketing strategy, that will inevitably boost sales.

Why aren’t my marketing efforts working?

Through enhanced digital branding efforts, website enhancements, and SEO boosts, a good marketing consultant can help you spread awareness of your brand and reach your target audience more effectively online.

How can a marketing consultant increase my business’ online presence?