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Results Rock. The right sequence of marketing activities is the key to achieving and exceeding your goals again and again.

Whether developing a new website, creating specific sales pieces, or activating ongoing marketing and public relations efforts to reach multiple target audiences, an eye on results is what counts. 


Every project is different, but every objective is the same. Here is a glimpse of what we’ve helped companies large and small achieve. 

Let’s grow!

Marketing Case Studies

Marketing Prioritized on Sales Just Works 

Healthcare Marketing

Considered the Cadillac of medical devices for the urology market, Dornier MedTech had expanded into new global regions, added some of the brightest minds to its scientific staff, and developed new product lines all around the world...but no one knew about it.  Working closely with senior executives we:


  • Rebranded the global brand and launched a new look in less than 3 months.

  • Developed new sales materials and trained global distributors on new messaging and positioning.

  • Relaunched their newest CE approved product into European, Asian, and Latin American markets at multiple tradeshows.


Result: In less than 3 months, increased specific product sales by 38% and all global product sales by more than 25%.


Dornier MedTech

Medical Device Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

Aviation Marketing

Regarded as one of the best member organizations for professionals in the aerospace and aviation industry, the Atlanta Aero Club sought to centralize its databases, streamline its member management efforts with modern tools, and increase event attendance and sponsorship year-round.  Working closely with the head of the organization we:


  • Developed a new website with modern CRM integration to manage the membership database and send targeted messages.

  • Created new marketing materials to boost branding as well as support membership and sponsorship sales efforts.

  • Implemented email marketing and social media activities to boost membership and event attendance.


Result: Boosted event attendance by more than 350%, increased database by more than 1250%, and created a record year for sponsorships and memberships.


Atlanta Aero Club

Aviation Industry Marketing

Aviation Marketing

Non-Profit Marketing

During the pandemic, the American Red Cross was not able to hold its regular life-saving blood drives at corporate offices and schools throughout the city.  Working closely with the community blood drive team leads, we helped them:

  • Identified a location that would be available year-round to host blood drives.

  • Coordinated marketing outreach that would attract new donors and community groups.

  • Facilitated online registration and event coordination during each event.


Result: All blood drive events were sold out – which was made up of 79% new donors. Furthermore each 6 hour event collected enough blood to save more than 225 lives. EWISE Communications was also nominated for the Community IMPACT award for their quick action in helping the American Red Cross address the urgent need for blood donations.


American Red Cross

Community Relations & Cause Marketing

Non Profit Marketing



Jetaire Group is an aerospace manufacturing and engineering company that specializes in aircraft fuel tank ignition mitigation systems to protect aircraft from flammability. Celebrating their 36 years in operation, the company sought to rebrand and modernize their marketing efforts given their challenges in physically reaching the international market during the pandemic. Working closely with the team we:


  • Rebranded the company and built a new website with CRM and email marketing capabilities.

  • Activated public relations that secured interviews, awards, and lead generation.

  • Developed new proposals and sales materials to align to their new brand.

  • Coordinated ongoing email campaigns to support international sales.


Result: Garnered articles and interviews with target aviation publications, secured industry and local awards recognizing the company for their innovation, and generated leads to help them achieve a record year despite the pandemic.

Jetaire Group

Public Relations Helping Manufacturing

Manufacture Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Southern Pine Plantation is one of the largest landowners in the United States.  The company, under new leadership, decided to rebrand the 35-year-old family business to help attract new investment audiences.  During this process we:

  • Rebranded and created a family of brands to represent their land, commercial real estate, and investment divisions.

  • Coordinated aerial drone and corporate photography to support new marketing materials and a brand standard that showcased the company's history and community legacy.

  • Created new digital and print marketing materials to help expand effective communications with existing customers and tenants.


Result: Successfully rebranded and created modernized marketing materials to provide impactful and meaningful communications to existing customers and tenants.

SPP Timberland & Commercial Real Estate

Rebranding a Family Business

Real Estate Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Digital Ignition is a coworking and tech incubator facility in north Georgia. In order to differentiate and grow occupancy, they sought to increase their Google search rank and elevate their brand. 


As a marketing team we:

  • Firmed up their brand and developed new sales materials to monetize different aspects of the building.

  • Developed strategic relationships with the community and activated an email and social media campaign.

  • Created a new website, activated SEO and digital marketing, and coordinated ongoing events and public relations for the center.  


Result: We increased occupancy from 12% to 100% in less than 4 months, turned the center into the official tech incubator for the county, and garnered media coverage from local and state publications as one of the fastest growing coworking and tech incubators in the country.

Digital Ignition

Marketing a Business Launching Pad

Small Business Marketing

Consumer Marketing

Tropic Isle Living is a company with a family of health and beauty products derived from pure Jamaican Castor Oil – known for its natural healing, moisturizing and replenishment effects. As the company expanded its product line and retail presence, we helped the company:

  • Explored and conceptualized new product labels for a variety of new product lines being developed for multiple markets.

  • Developed a new catalog and marketing materials to help them support their tour of health and beauty tradeshows across the U.S.

  • Created a brand standard strategy to help harmonize the design and messaging for existing products in order to create a more impactful look in preparation for their expansion.


Result: The marketing materials helped drive a 40% increase in sales via distributor and Amazon sales channels. The new brand standard and label concepts helped them launch their new products with a consistent and stronger corporate look.

Tropic Isle Living

Health and Beauty Products

Consumer Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Vivarin is an Over-the-Counter (OTC) caffeine supplement that can be purchased at any pharmacy. With the rise in coffee consumption and interest in flavorful energy drinks, Vivarin was losing market share. The company sought to repackage and reposition their product so that it would stand out in the minds of consumers. As a marketing company we:

  • Researched buyer behavior to identify a pattern of descriptive words being utilized by buyers of caffeine products.

  • Developed messaging for new product packaging and design to attract new customers.

  • Advised on visuals and verbal messaging for new digital and print marketing materials.


Result: Vivarin saw a spike in sales of more than 30% and, when mystery shopper studies were conducted, consumers said they decided to try the product again because of the new messaging (which EWISE created).     

Vivarin Caffeine Supplement

OTC Medication Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Technology Marketing

Talking Traffic Lights was a technology 3-day challenge in collaboration with Forsyth County and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The event sought to recruit technology teams from around the world to help GDOT utilize IoT data it was collecting on traffic lights to boost road safety. As a marketing team we:

  • Promoted the event locally and through specialized technology channels to attract the right groups to the 3-day challenge. 

  • Developed a landing page website and digital marketing materials to promote the tech challenge.  

  • Coordinated speakers, events and interviews before, during, and after the hack-a-thon to give maximum visibility to the event and its participants. 


Result: Talking Traffic Lights attracted small and large companies (everything from T-Mobile to MetroTech) to participate. This technology challenge, which attracted more than 500 people during the 3-day series of activities, was the first technology challenge of its kind to ever to award a government contract to an innovation company.

Talking Traffic Lights | Hack-a-thon

Marketing Innovation

Global Marketing

The World Trade Center Atlanta is an organization that sought to bring international companies and organizations together by networking the globally minded business community in Atlanta. As a marketing team we:

  • Helped promote and lead the first international business conference in Atlanta (called World Trade Day) that attracted a global audience and sponsorships that boosted the organization.

  • Developed marketing materials to promote monthly and quarterly events as well as sponsorship pursuits.

  • Designed conference programs, branded all event presentations, and coordinated all promotional items needed for the events. 


Result: Launched the largest, best attended, and most profitable international business conference in World Trade Atlanta's history. The event continues to grow every year and EWISE Communications now serves on the board of directors for World Trade Center Atlanta.

World Trade Center Atlanta

International Business Community & Events

Global Marketing
Automotive Marketing

Automotive Marketing

Luxury Vehicle Market

Bavarian Motor Cars

Bavarian Motor Cars, in anticipation of expanding the company’s family of products, sought to rebrand itself with a new look and message that resonated with luxury vehicle owners. To begin this process, EWISE Communications:  


  • Helped them develop a new logo mark that was vetted by customers, business coaches, and family members 

  • Developed a brand standard to help them consistently build out their new store designs  

  • Created a corporate video to help introduce their company to new customers 


Result: EWISE Communications continues to work with Bavarian Motor Cars on ongoing communication efforts to help them activate their growing database of customers.   

Case Study

Whether looking to rebrand or create a new corporate identity, clear messaging and imagery that tells your story verbally, visually and authentically is critical to establishing trust with your target audience.


Solid brands experience higher sales, better employee retention and accelerated business growth.  Interested in those marketing results?   


Branding is about creating a first and lasting impression.

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

Marketing Case Study

Wondering How to Sequence Marketing to Get Results?

Marketing results are achieved faster when you line up the right marketing services (and avoid those that are more work than they are worth). 


Ready for an Efficient Marketing Plan?  Let’s do this!

marketing case studies that show you how we roll

Our Team is Committed to Your Marketing Success Every Step of the Way. 

EWISE Marketing and Communications worked on a grassroots advocacy initiative that convinced the FDA to require broad spectrum protection in all sunscreens sold in the USA?

As a result, individuals are now better protected from both UVA and UVB rays – the leading cause of skin cancer. 


"Joanne and her creative, detailed and driven team increased sales, reinvigorated our brand, and blew us away."


Mary – VP of Marketing

Global Medical Device Company

marketing firm alpharetta

EWISE Marketing & Communications has worked with multinational companies working in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

As a result, our president serves on the board of the World Trade Center Atlanta and works alongside economic development and trade departments driving imports and exports.


Growth Marketing

Marketing for Expansion

Increase Industry & Global Sales

Various Companies

Marketing can support growth by opening doors to new industries and markets. Given our sales background and experience working with small, medium, and large sized companies, our team can often provide insights on new opportunities for growth.

Whether activating sales distributors, in-country representatives, or implementing new target marketing initiatives, we have helped our clients expand into growth sectors such as:

  • The Film Industry

  • Data Center Industry

  • Smart Cities & Transportation Industry

  • African, Turkish, Brazilian, and Mexican markets


RESULT: Helped boost sales by double digits by activating markets in new growth industries, by diversifying lead generation sources, and by capturing metrics that set the groundwork for company expansions to new heights. 

The EWISE team is tremendous. Their attention to detail is next level and they have been a game changer for my company.

CEO, Telecom Company

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