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Digital Marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of services. Everything from social media posting, chatbox interactions, CRM email marketing, ad retargeting, TikToks, Google My Business and Google AdWords as well as LinkedIn and Facebook management can be tucked into digital marketing.  

However, not all digital marketing activities will help you achieve your goal. In fact, having misaligned digital marketing programs can turn into a waste of time and money very quickly. Putting your resources on the right platforms with the right content can make all the difference. 

The key is activating a digital marketing program that is designed with your goals and target audiences in mind, not a generic solution that gets lost in all the noise.

Approach. Ready to get digitally savvy? Let’s grow!

Digital Marketing & Social Media

What's the Best Digital Marketing Program for My Company?

How We Make It Easy

Go Where Your
Target Marketing Goes

There are many digital options, but we focus on building activity on digital marketing platforms that make sense based on your target audience.

Design & Write
Dynamic Content

Keeping up with the speed of digital marketing can be hard, so we regularly create keyword savvy content to activate your target audience. 

Schedule & Measure

We respond to conversations and coordinate new content to keep your brand front and center while measuring results and momentum. 

Digital Marketing and Social Media is All About Targeting & Personalization

This is your opportunity to tell the world why your company loves what it does. Showcasing a company's dedication is what helps authentically sell it in today's digital age.

Let’s talk about Numbers:

Improve Local and Targeted Website Traffic   

Digital Ignition is a coworking and technology incubator that faces stiff competition from larger coworking spaces.  They depend on a highly optimized website in order to be in consideration when individuals and companies are making space selections online.  

A recalibration of the website content, hyper focus on specific keywords, and targeted digital content and online marketing activity resulted in:  

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level.

In Case You're Wondering...

What Do We Include In Our Digital Marketing Services?

Wondering if a Digital Marketing Approach is Right for You? 

Contact us and let’s discuss!

Digital marketing incorporates everything from email marketing, Google Ads and social media to Instagram  ecommerce, blogging, and CRM marketing efforts. 


Let’s chat and share ideas. Focused Digital Marketing is fun (not overwhelming).

digital marketing & social media

Supercharge Your Targeted Outreach


Increase in chatbox, affiliate marketing, and AroundMe local app traffic. 


Increase in unique web traffic – triggering increase in office rentals and event attendance.


Increase in facility usage and event attendance – triggering partnerships.

Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Increases Sales

An Alpharetta coworking and tech incubator space was looking to leverage digital marketing to hyper-target local entrepreneurs and small business owners for their office space and events facility. To help them do this we:

  • Upgraded their website and SEO efforts in order to bring them to the top of Google search and increase their website traffic

  • Activated a local digital marketing strategy to hyper-target local audiences for their facility and increase the chances of conversion

  • Leveraged social media and email marketing to build multiple databases and a targeted ecosystem for future marketing campaigns

  • Implemented CRMs and digital tracking tools to measure marketing program success and efficiencies

Radius. We continue to implement local digital marketing programs that help bring the right foot traffic to the office and event venue space.

Website Design & Development

We create dynamic, mobile friendly, technologically integrated, and SEO optimized websites on your platform of choice.  Whether developing a corporate or e-commerce website, we can help you with the design, content, and development quickly and effectively.

Social Media Marketing

We create visual, video and advertisement-like content, schedule posts at different frequencies, engage and grow your target audience, and monitor activity to support your brand.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement & Google AdWords

We manage your pay-per-click campaign(s), based on keywords, on Google and other platforms to help your brand come up when buyers are searching for your products and services.

Chatbox Management

We help you implement and manage conversations and leads that come through your website’s chatbox by triaging them to you when they are qualified and ready to talk about purchasing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We help you rise in Google ranks by providing keyword and coding-based search engine optimization (SEO) support for your website. The easier your website is to skim, the more likely for it to be on the first page of search results.

Marketing Automation

We coordinate automated communication functions via various marketing technologies to efficiently manage your brand’s experience. Whether responding to a chat box, sending email triggers, or responding to registrations, we will use automation to make you look good. 

CRO Strategy (Conversion Rate Optimization)

We develop a conversion rate optimization strategy to increase the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action on your website. We optimize website elements like landing pages, copy, and overall design to convert first-time viewers into customers.

Online Reputation Management

We manage and monitor your brand's online reputation by tracking social media mentions, responding to reviews and comments, and taking steps to improve your brand's online image across numerous platforms.

Marketing Analytics Reporting

We track all of your website and social media metrics to gain insights into your audience and further develop your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Ignition continues to work with EWISE Marketing & Communications to grow their digital marketing and branding at a local and state level. 

EWISE Marketing and Communications

"It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

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