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What Can a Full-Service Marketing Agency Do for You?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

One Stop Shop for All Business Marketing Needs

Marketing Services with Proven Results

How does a full-service marketing agency turn their wealth of knowledge and experience into tangible business results for their clients?

A full-service marketing agency has all the marketing resources you need in-house – making it easy for them to throttle from one resource to another to get the job done right consistently. This experience allows them to cover all the needed marketing bases for a company including digital marketing, website development, branding, design, and content creation among other marketing aspects.

Another benefit of a full-service marketing agency is knowing how and when it should all be implemented. A marketing agency like this strategically plans these activities in a way that aligns promotional activities to business goals. They focus on delivering disciplined messaging, effective marketing campaigns, and impactful branding refinements that propel their clients to the next level.

With that being said, what are the main marketing services and benefits that a full-service marketing agency can provide to help your business? Read on.

Brand Creation and Design

They Build Solid Brand Identities

Perception is reality and the first impression that you make to your potential customers can make all the difference between a conversion and a loss of sale. The look and feel of your brand communicates your story and how you want the marketplace to view you.

A full-service marketing agency will be able to efficiently work with you to understand your products, services, and culture and turn all those wide-ranging elements into a logo and graphic design pallet that genuinely reflects who you are as a company. When these elements are done right, your customers and competition know it.

EWISE SAYS: Brands can be developed for a company, a product and an individual. Just understanding this often helps teams understand that everything they do, say, and represent makes an important impression in the marketplace.

Media Strategy and Planning

They Coordinate with Multiple Media Outlets

A full-service marketing agency will have media resources at the ready to pitch your stories, product launches, or community involvements. They will also be able to advise you on how to prepare for interviews and other media facing situations so that you can most effectively communicate what you want to convey.

In addition, marketing agencies can set up a content schedule so that companies can proactively provide material for social media outlets and traditional publications. Having good and timely content brings the company more exposure and results in a better chance of being top of mind for prospective customers. Full-service marketing agencies specialize in these types of services.

EWISE SAYS: Media is primarily digital these days –making it a great resource for those looking to improve website rank and boost their SEO services. Top of mind with the market (and search) is critical in today’s digital marketing age.

Content Creation

They Keep Up with the High Demand for Fresh Content

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources needed to keep up with the constant demand for new content. The fact is that fresh content is a big part of what search engines like Google and Bing are looking for. If fresh content does not exist on your website or landing site, then you are leaving yourself open for your competitors climbing above you in the rankings.

In addition to this, full-service marketing agencies have the tools and knowledge to make sure appropriate keywords are present so that the content lines up to what the buyer is looking for.

EWISE SAYS: Full-Service marketing agencies make it easy for companies to create internal and external content that boosts lead generation, attracts employment candidates, and retains existing team members.

Lead Generation and Qualifying

They Know the Marketing Best Practices that Matter

When done right, the marketing tools full-service marketing agencies use will help qualify your prospects when working on:

  • Email marketing initiatives

  • Content creation and content marketing

  • Marketing campaigns

  • SEO strategies

  • Pay per click keyword programs

  • Digital marketing and social media efforts

  • Landing page and website creation

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) coordination

Having nimble knowledge allows companies to be top of mind for prospective customers and to focus on marketing activities that yield results.

EWISE SAYS: Lead generation programs are different if you are targeting consumers (B2C marketing), other businesses (B2B Marketing), and/or government agencies (B2G marketing).A full-service marketing agency knows how to take a single tool and maneuver it efficiently based on who you are targeting –saving you time and money.

Cost Savings

They Need Little Training and are Motivated by Results

When engaging a full-service marketing agency, you also get the benefit of efficiently allocating your marketing dollars. You can scale up and scale down as needed based on the current business situation.

If you hire a full-time team to handle a big project or marketing effort, then there is a good chance that you will have to figure out what to do with all the additional full-time employees that you hired once the project or effort is complete. Using a marketing agency for these situations eases that burden.

EWISE SAYS: Full-service marketing agencies regularly train their employees and are constantly learning from the different projects they work on. Accelerate your own modern marketing efforts by leveraging these teams of marketing specialists, consultants, and implementers all in one.

Marketing with a Business Sense

They Work Closely with Business Owners and Department Leaders

Too often in the business world, there is a disconnect between what makes sense to marketing departments and what makes actual business sense. The most effective marketing efforts are in sync with business goals.

The right email campaign, website design, or branding initiative can provide a company with a competitive edge in the marketplace. When these efforts are aligned with business sense, then that is when there is the most potential for success.

EWISE SAYS: A successful full-marketing agency has a sense of urgency, exerts leadership and mirrors the decision-makers they work with. If you are looking to succeed, align yourself to teams like this that innately understand what you are trying to achieve and how to get there.

Looking for a full-service marketing agency that has business sense experience and a successful track record of elevating their clients? Let’s Chat!


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