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EWISE Marketing Straight Talk | Marketing for Business Owners

Updated: May 30

Woman representing Atlanta Marketing agency and the results of marketing that is focused and honest.

Welcome to EWISE Marketing Straight Talk

The truth is that many companies have been burned by marketing. We’re here to put an end to that.

At EWISE Marketing and Communications, we often work with many companies that have been (let’s face it) screwed over by other marketers. Too often we see businesses that have been pigeon-holed into a marketing formula (that is not relevant), forced into marketing trends (that don’t make sense) or, worst of all, tricked into a fake marketing partnership (that holds them back versus helping them grow).

The way we see it, our job is to package and place companies on a path toward growth –while we give our honest two cents every step of the way. In fact, we often find ourselves having an important conversation with our clients: marketing you need vs. marketing you don’t need. And we think more people should be a part of this conversation.

So, allow us step up on our soap box and present to you EWISE Marketing Straight Talk- an honest, unfiltered conversation between our marketing team and business leaders who value real growth and momentum over shiny penny marketing traps and gimmicks.

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This is our “hot take” on real-life, real-time marketing campaigns.

Think of EWISE Marketing Straight Talk as an industry “hot take.” In other words, we’ll share what we like (and don’t like) from our everyday marketing experiences, take a position on specific outreach campaigns (that inspire or drive us crazy), and everything in between.

As part of this initiative, we’ll be your outside voice. We’ll say these things with the office door open, for all to hear:

Thumbs Up Icon

Thumbs Down Icon

This is How You Level Up!

Come on, Man!

Buy This Person a Beer!

Give Me a Break.

That's How It's Done

Um... NO.

There are a lot of marketing choices out there. Our hope is that these candid conversations will give people an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the world of marketing –and understand what is best for them and their growing organization.

Marketing Gift

Stripped of sugar-coating, this is our gift to YOU.

EWISE Marketing Straight Talk is for everyone, whether you are a business leader who is seeking advice, or you are an industry expert with 30 years of experience. Follow EWISE Marketing and Communications through blog articles, emails, and social media to get our EWISE Marketing Straight Talk.

If you’re looking for marketing services or looking to talk to someone who will give it to you straight about communication solutions, contact us.

In the meantime, follow @ewisecommunications on Instagram and LinkedIn for more EWISE Marketing Straight Talk updates.


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