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How a Boutique Marketing Agency Harnesses the Power of AI to Enhance Marketing Strategies

Updated: May 30

Robot hand and human hand almost touching (modeled after The Creation of Adam painting), representing the relationship that marketers can develop with AI software.

If you’re active on social media or you follow news outlets closely, it’s likely that you’ve heard about the rise of Chat GPT and other AI software. Whether you flashback to scenes from The Matrix at the mention of AI software or you cheer for the technology that’s taking the world by storm, it’s important to understand how these tools can help optimize the nature of your business and corresponding marketing strategies.

Technology Presents New Opportunities to Grow

At EWISE Marketing and Communications, we’re all about growth. As a marketing team, we understand that as technology continues to advance and change our profession, we must adapt our marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the curve.

With AI software like Chat GPT making national news, we felt the need to explore how we can use AI software to enhance our marketing strategies. In full transparency, the EWISE team views Chat GPT in a similar manner to Ryan Reynolds, as he describes the software as “mildly terrifying but compelling.”

As a team of marketing professionals, we’ve had many internal conversations about utilizing AI in our content development. Between ChatGPT, Midjourney, and more, we’ve found that AI tools help us to ideate in a unique way, and these programs push us and inspire us to produce more accurate, creative, and performance-driven results.

We think our project manager put it best- AI associated with writing is what the calculator did to math. Before the calculator, we were using slide rulers and other tools that were making calculations take longer. Now that we have calculators in place, there is less manual work – and we can focus on bigger projects that require lots of calculations.

Team of marketing professionals around a computer, representing a team demonstrating how to use AI software for marketing services.

4 Ways that AI Software Can Strengthen Marketing Efforts

As the EWISE team has experimented with software like ChatGPT, it has become apparent to us that AI software can increase productivity and results. We’ve found that the power of AI helps us to:

  • Accelerate research- so our team can focus on applying their business acumen versus worrying about getting baseline information.

  • Incorporate keywords- so that our digital marketing team can focus on SEO and other online best practices versus worrying about keyword placement/frequency.

  • Produce better results- both from a content quality and article results perspective.

  • Brainstorm new ideas- so that our team can tap into another outlet of inspiration.

People raising their fists in unity, representing how the power of AI is in our hands as marketers.

The Power of AI is in Our Hands

Though some may feel weary about Chat GPT and other AI software, the EWISE team knows that the power of these tools is in our hands. At EWISE, we appreciate the “old school” paper and pen style, but we also look forward to bettering ourselves with technologically advanced and useful tools.

Fun fact: This article was partially written by AI. Using the framework that Chat GPT provided for this article, the EWISE team was able to put their signature spin on the topic.

Interested in how you can use AI to better your marketing strategy? Contact us and we’ll help you develop a tailored marketing plan that uses the power of technology to drive your company forward.


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