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3 Reasons Why Product Photography is Crucial for Brand Marketing

Photograph of a bag of coffee, coffee thermos, and luggage tag by the brand Boarding Pass Coffee, which represents how product photography can be used in marketing.
Photographed by Bret Baker, EWISE Marketing & Communications

Think about your favorite product for a second. Can you picture it?

If you can clearly picture your favorite product, then it’s likely for two reasons:

  1. You must use or consume the product on a frequent basis.

  2. You’ve memorized the product’s unique logo, packaging, and overall look.

The best brands in the world make sure to invest in quality product photography because in the world of marketing, first impressions are everything. One of the best ways that a brand can really reinforce their product in their target audience is by using product photography in all marketing content and collateral.

At EWISE Marketing & Communications, we advocate for professional product photography because we’ve found that polished photos assets really make a difference for our clients. Though there are many reasons why product photography is crucial to marketing, we’ve picked out three key reasons why professional photos assets can help brands achieve marketing success.

Product Photography Makes Your Brand Look More Professional

Screenshot of Coca-Cola’s website, representing how a Coca-Cola campaign uses product photography.
Image by The Coca-Cola Company

Let’s talk about Coca-Cola. In nearly all of Coca-Cola's marketing materials, a bottle of Coke is featured with just enough condensation on the outside for the viewer to think...

“Hmm... I could really go for a cold bottle of Coke right now.”

This cohesive and iconic look of an ice-cold Coca-Cola bottle makes the brand look put together, consistent, and most importantly, professional. The soda brand’s stellar product photography is one of the many reasons why people all around the world can so easily recognize the beverage.

For as many years as Coca-Cola has been around, the brand has consistently relied on a uniform set of product photography and videography to create a variety of popular campaigns. No matter what season or what campaign type, you can count on Coca-Cola's content including product photography and videography.

Social Media Content Is Easier to Create When You Have Your Own Photo Assets

Social media is a huge aspect of the marketing industry nowadays, which means that developing visual content that’s engaging and true to brand is more important now than ever. Photography assets are every content creator’s dream because professional product images make photo and video content much easier to create for social media. Furthermore, utilizing product photography on social media can contribute to a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing social media feed.

Screenshot of an Instagram post from Boarding Pass Coffee, representing how product photography is useful in building a social media presence.

A Wise Word on Product Photography:

“When dealing with retail centric brands, photography assets are essential to successfully marketing a product. For example, we recently worked with Boarding Pass Coffee, a coffee roaster that wanted to increase their presence in the wholesale market and improve sales within their store, at local marketplaces, and on their Amazon store front. While our design team redesigned their brand, and created some pretty incredible packaging in the process, we needed to showcase this rebrand on digital platforms.

After a few sessions of in-house photography, we had enough assets to fully capture the rebranded packaging, merchandise, and uniforms.

With this collection of photography assets, we were able to create a professional look and feel to the company's online presence. This ultimately resulted in an increase in social media engagement and website traffic, while boosting the conversion rate of those looking to purchase their products. ”

- Bret, Marketing and Business Development (aka social media guru and content king).

The Problem with Using Stock Images to Represent Your Product

Some brands may use stock photography as an alternative to product photography, depending on the product being sold. Though some brands can pull this off, it is extremely difficult to create content for a product without actually showing the real product. Even more so, you run the risk of “settling” for a stock image that’s just “good enough.” As marketers, we know that your product is far superior to the status of “good enough,” and the last thing that we want to see is content with stock imagery misrepresenting your brand.

Here’s the thing about stock photos: there’s a time and a place for them. In general, stock photography can be useful for marketing materials, but if you really want to feature your product, it’s best to do so with professional product photography. Trust us- your content creator will thank you for it.

The Use of Product Photography Maintains Transparency with Your Customers

How many times have you ordered a product online, only for it to arrive and look nothing like the image you saw online? This happens to many people, and when it comes to representing your brand accurately, product photography can help maintain transparency between your brand and your customer.

Professional product photography should capture the best aspects of your product and make your product look desirable to the consumer. When you use photo assets of your product, you lower the risk of your marketing materials being misconstrued as deceptive or misleading. Product photography is just one of the many marketing assets that is crucial to developing a positive brand image and enticing customers to buy your product over and over again.

Ever heard the phrase “see it to believe it?” That same phrase can be applied to product photography and how it maintains transparency in the eyes of your customer base.

Your Product Deserves Quality Photo and Video Assets

At EWISE Marketing & Communications, we believe that brands deserve to have their products in the spotlight. Product photography is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing toolbox, and we take pride in helping our clients capture their brand through photo and video content.

Ready to take your product photography to the next level? We’d love to help power your digital marketing and social media strategy with beautiful photography assets. Contact us to get started!


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