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Cost-Effective Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits: A Guide from EWISE Marketing and Communications

Picture of an American Red Cross volunteer, representing how nonprofits can use cost-effective marketing strategies to help build their organizations.

Let’s face the facts- most nonprofits don’t have the funds to create cinematic commercials or mass produce branded merchandise. In fact, most nonprofits have to maximize their marketing efforts on a tight budget. It seems impossible, right?

Thankfully, not all marketing efforts break the bank. Through cost-effective marketing strategies and tactics, nonprofit leaders can confidently increase engagement, awareness, and funds with minimal risk.

Check out some of our favorite cost-effective marketing tactics below. You can also read more about our nonprofit services here.

Recognize Your Community Ambassadors

When it comes to marketing your nonprofit, the number one thing that you likely want to communicate to your audience is the GOOD that your organization does for the community. But, there’s power in numbers right?

Identifying your nonprofit’s supporters could help you determine potential ambassadors for your organization. However, these supporters turned ambassadors can come in all different forms. Some examples include:

  • Local businesses

  • Community leaders

  • Social media influencers

  • Volunteers

  • Donors

Community ambassadors can help you spread the word about your organization. By tapping into their networks, you can reach new audiences and build greater support for your cause.

Build a Relationship with Local News Outlets

Picture of a woman being interviewed, representing how nonprofit leaders can get media coverage.

Most nonprofits seek media exposure, but the chances of your nonprofit making national news is rather slim. So, our suggestion is that you start small and continue to climb the media exposure ladder.

Ask yourself: are there any local news outlets that report on nonprofits like mine?

If the answer is yes, then we recommend that you compile a media list, highlighting local reporters, media outlets, podcasters, etc. who may have interest in developing a news story or segment around your nonprofit. Once you have built your media list, you can reach out to your contacts with newsworthy information about your nonprofit.

Once you establish this media list, though, you will want to continue cultivating a relationship with these reporters or outlets (especially if they give you coverage). Reporters are very busy people and tend to appreciate leads that are newsworthy, well-informed, and complement the reporter’s niche or “beat” (which should be relevant to the nature of your nonprofit). By respecting the needs of reporters, they will be more likely to turn to your organization as a trusted source of information.

If you are looking for media coverage, need help building a media list, or are looking to develop newsworthy stories around your nonprofit, then consider seeking professional marketing and public relations services that specialize in media relations.

Maximize Your Presence on Social Media

Picture of Instagram icon, representing how nonprofits can use social media marketing to build an online presence.

In the digital age, social media engagement, campaigns, and low-budget social media ads have become very popular, cost-effective marketing tactics. Though social media can be a helpful tool to promote your nonprofit, it’s important for you as the nonprofit leader to choose social media platforms that appeal to your target audience. Additionally, it is important to create content on those social media platforms that accurately and positively presents the purpose and efforts of your nonprofit.

With an influx of organizations trying to spread their message through social media, standing out can be difficult. As a nonprofit leader, your goal on social media should be to effectively reach your target audience through the appropriate platform with engaging content that sets you apart from the rest. This can include sharing information about your cause, but on a deeper level, showcasing the actions of your cause (e.g., events, seminars, volunteer opportunities, etc.). By painting a picture of your organization on social media, you can give your audience a deeper understanding of your organization and how community members can get involved.

If you’re a nonprofit leader ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, check out our digital marketing and social media services.

Develop a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Nonprofit

As marketing professionals, we understand that nonprofit marketing budgets can be tight. By implementing these cost-effective marketing tactics, your nonprofit can effectively promote the core of your mission, while increasing your presence in the community.

At EWISE Marketing and Communications, we understand the unique challenges that nonprofits face when it comes to marketing. That's why we offer a range of services to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop a cost-effective marketing strategy that is customized to your nonprofit’s unique needs.


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