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To master MedTech marketing for Irrisept, we needed to work closely with the company’s global marketing team to ensure we moved across markets in a way that stuck true to the brand while maintaining compliance with numerous federal agencies. We did this through:


  • Unified Brand Voice: We strengthened the brand’s messaging to drive impactful consistency as the company expanded into new geographic regions and medical market segments.

  • New Marketing Assets: We revamped their marketing materials for broader relevance across multiple medical specialties.   

  • Optimized Sales and Event Strategies: We focused tradeshow and distributor sales efforts to support various medical segments. 

  • Accelerated Market Penetration: We expanded sales within current and new medical segments and U.S. and international markets.

Irrisept, a leader in antimicrobial wound irrigation, envisioned a growth trajectory that introduced its products into U.S. and international markets. For such a critical venture, they required a marketing ally who was not just versed in MedTech but could navigate the intricate requirements of FDA/CE compliance and global distribution with finesse.


The Mission

We focused on creating a narrative that communicates value, trust and innovation. We aimed to develop a holistic marketing approach with a data-driven mindset that targeted diverse markets to reflect the sophistication of their new products.

Mastering MedTech for New Audiences

EWISE Marketing at Work

Moving Across Medical Markets: MedTech Case Study 

Learn how we introduced a medical device into diverse markets and created a marketing strategy focused on compliance.

Elevated Branding & Graphic Design

Tradeshow & Event Marketing

Integrated Print & Digital Marketing

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