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To brew the new brand, we identified three areas where we could help Boarding Pass Coffee grow:

  • Brand Identity Redesign: We developed a signature brand that embodies the soul of the company in a visually compelling way.

  • Packaging That Tells a Story: We created dynamic, memorable, and elegant packaging that helps Boarding Pass Coffee stand out from competitors and speak true to the brand.

  • Consistent Brand Implementation: We established a brand guide that ensures uniformity across all consumer interfaces, such as stores, digital platforms, and beyond.

Boarding Pass Coffee is an award-winning specialty coffee roaster in Milton, GA. They are known for their premiere selection of coffee roasts and coffee-tasting classes, and the founders’ love of specialty coffee has won the hearts of coffee lovers locally and nationally. The challenge? Taking this beloved brand and scaling its presence for a bold, new venture into stores and online retail while maintaining the essence that made it a staple.


The Mission

Create a signature look for the brand that's as distinct and inviting as the coffee they roast, resonating with their mission to “unite the world through coffee.”

From Coffee Farm to Coffee Fame

The EWISE Marketing Approach

Brewing a New Brand: B2C Case Study

Discover how we transformed a local coffee company into a trusted national brand.

Elevated Brand for National Expansion

Introduced Digital Marketing Strategy

Created Signature & Distinct Packaging


Increase in Social Media Page Visits


Social Media Followers (2021 vs 2022)


Increase in Total Sales

Ready to Make a Statement with Your Brand's Marketing?

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