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To climb the tower to success, we created a gameplan that would help PCI GlobalCom scale quickly and sustainably:

  • Brand Enhancement: We revitalized the brand identity to appeal to major commercial and governmental project leaders.

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy: We implemented an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to draw in and retain top-tier talent within the industry.

  • Digital Marketing: We activated new digital marketing campaigns for hiring initiatives, lead generation, and product promotional purposes while managing existing campaigns.

  • Marketing Collateral Overhaul: We redesigned marketing assets to convey the breadth of services offered more accurately.

  • Event Marketing and Outreach: We spearheaded public relations events and ribbon-cutting ceremonies to celebrate and publicize company milestones.

PCI GlobalCom, formerly Pyrgos Communications, is a wireless infrastructure company dedicated to building cellular tower systems for commercial entities, governments, and military operations worldwide. To avoid losing signal in the marketplace, they needed a sustainable marketing strategy that helped the company strengthen its presence on a global scale.


The Mission

Scale PCI GlobalCom’s market presence and talent pool in a way that reflects the company's goal of “climbing to new heights” and achieving global expansion.

Climbing the Tower to Success

EWISE Marketing at Work

Advancing Telecom Marketing: B2B Case Study

Learn how our marketing efforts lifted a global telecom company to new heights.

Elevated Brand & Digital Presence

Increased Visibility & Market Share

Boosted Hiring & Sales Competitiveness


Increase in New Career Applications


Social Media Pages Reached Within One Year


Link Clicks into Summer

Hiring Campaign

Ready to Maximize Opportunity for Your Organization?

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