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We’ve Rebranded! Four Reasons Why We Did (And Why You May Want to as Well)

Updated: May 31, 2023

We’re Now a Different Company - Time to Rebrand!

Our Brand and the Pandemic. Like most growing organizations, our marketing company puts our clients first --and we tend to take care of them more than ourselves.

When the pandemic hit, the world, our team, our clients, our experience, our culture, our business –they were all put to the test. We quickly relied on the core strengths of our organization to help weather the storm, but we also came to realize that our brand did not fully reflect the open, modern, tech-savvy, and growth-partner approach that has been a cornerstone of who we are.

In fact, when we took a step back, we discovered that our brand was not telling our full story. So, like we’ve done numerous times for our clients, we picked up a dry erase marker and started whiteboarding a rebrand for ourselves.

While our new website launch is the first step in this rebranding process, here are some of the reasons we decided to go down this path (and why you might want to as well).

1. Brand Messaging that Focuses on Business Performance

Our Best Marketing Clients Described Us Differently Than How We Described Ourselves.

While we’re categorized as a marketing agency, our clients view us as growth partners – and they loop us into everything that requires communications.

To them we are not just marketers coordinating campaigns –we are their go-to team when it comes to solving communication challenges that get in the way of business growth.

So, we listened to our customers and adjusted our brand messaging to something that simply and clearly defines our business drive, our marketing purpose, and our entrepreneurial spirit:

2. Brand Look that Better Reflects our Honesty & Partnership Approach

Our Best Marketing Clients Appreciate the Trust More than Anything Else

We must admit, we’re a passionate bunch and during the pandemic, we were relentless.

Some of our clients were not sure how to pivot, so we helped them find a way. One client even thought about shutting their doors and calling it a day –that client is now experiencing triple-digit growth!

Clients not only trusted our work, but they also trusted us with their vision and knew we’d be there for them thick or thin. They also reminded us how much they loved our “Type-A personality” team that gladly rolls-up their sleeves and gets the job done.

As a result, to fully represent our active involvement, we made adjustments to our brand by:

  • Brightening our logo to showcase our enthusiasm and growth energy

  • Creating an airier look to underscore our transparency and tech focus

  • Modifying our tone of voice to be more conversational and partner-like

  • Adding handwritten notes to highlight our spontaneous and out-of-the-box thinking

  • Focusing on casual and genuine imagery to reinforce our culture of honesty, collaboration and family

3. Brand Offering that Better Reflects Our Marketing Services

Our Best Marketing Clients Turned Us into a Full-Service Marketing Agency.

Given our sales background, EWISE started off as a target marketing company that specialized in helping companies enter new markets and open doors to new leads. Over time, our clients asked us to help with other communication functions, transforming us into a full-service marketing agency.

Throughout our journey we have provided marketing services for a variety of industries and achieved amazing results. Our newly revamped website includes more information about this, and we can share even more examples if you contact us.

4. Brand Tech Updates that Reflect our Technology Stack and Digital Marketing Strength

Modern Marketing & Prioritization of People.

During the pandemic, the ability to be nimble from a business, tech, and marketing perspective got real – very real. This shift created a need for digital grit and business authenticity that weeded out teams who were not passionate enough or agile-enough to adapt.

As a small business that believes that a brand lives and breathes with you as you grow, we tweaked our corporate identity to align to today’s technical specifications. As a result, you’ll notice some changes in our brand that align to these modern times. These changes include:

  • Fully Responsive website design that allows for better website performance

  • Faster loading website design to improve the digital customer experience

  • SEO best practices from a design, content, code, meta, links, and keyword perspective to boost online search rank

  • Cybersecurity safeguards to help protect you and our company from attacks

  • CRM/ABM email marketing and digital communication activations

  • Marketing automation to support a more personalized digital marketing experience

  • Digital marketing mobile integrations to support local searches, geolocation advertising initiatives, retargeting, dynamic customer communications, etc.

  • And so much more

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with us. Interested in checking out our new website or rebranding, too? Contact Us!


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