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To strike a chord in the local community, we worked with the JCSO’s Executive Director and Board of Directors to strengthen four different avenues that would amplify the orchestra’s voice:

  • Brand Enhancement: We refined the brand to enhance its artistic core, improve community engagement, and develop a modern and professional brand image.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: We streamlined ongoing digital marketing and advertisement campaigns to increase following while lowering outreach costs. ​

  • Content Creation: We curated video and dynamic content that showcases organizational talent, designed to engage and captivate audiences from various demographics.

  • Media Relations: We strengthened public relations to increase brand presence across media channels, creating a stronger narrative and broader awareness.

Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra (JCSO), a professional symphonic team led by a former Atlanta Symphony Orchestra conductor, sought to boost their concert attendance and fundraising efforts.

The Mission

Strengthen JCSO’s presence in the local community to increase brand recognition and further solidify the orchestra as a champion for the arts in North Georgia.

A Local Marketing Triumph

EWISE Marketing at Work

Symphony of Success: Integrated Case Study

Read about how a local symphony orchestra became a community arts powerhouse.

Record-breaking ticket sales and attendance

Expanded audience footprint across Georgia

Double-digit revenue and ticket sales growth 


Followers Gained Within a One Year


Social Media Pages Reached Followers Gained Within One Year


People Directed Toward Ticket Sales Page

Looking for a Marketing Team that Can Help You Strengthen Your Community Impact?

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