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To revive the Optimum Pediatric Services brand, we identified three key areas where we could “doctor up” the brand’s marketing strategy:


  • Brand Revival: We modernized the brand by fine-tuning messaging, redefining service offerings and creating a more attractive visual identity. This helped attract leads and potential employees.

  • Digital Marketing: We crafted a modern online presence through enhanced social media strategies, SEO, and a quarterly newsletter.

  • Refining Sales Material: We assisted in developing sales materials tailored to various medical specialties such as neonatal, respiratory, and brain injury care.

Optimum Pediatric Services, a dedicated in-home nursing team specializing in the care of medically fragile children, serves more than 30 counties across Georgia. With aspirations to expand their impact across the Southeast, they embarked on a journey of rebranding and modernizing their digital marketing initiatives.


The Mission

Our marketing plan was designed to bring life into Optimum's brand, resonating with the community's needs while attracting dedicated nursing professionals. We aimed to craft a narrative highlighting their exceptional pediatric care and initiated digital marketing programs for lead generation and a successful nurse recruitment campaign.

Enhancing Pediatric Healthcare Reach

The EWISE Marketing Approach

Capturing the Brand's Heartbeat: Healthcare Case Study

Discover how we revived the brand of an at-home pediatric care company.

Targeted Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

Hiring Campaign & Sales Marketing Materials

SEO, Google Ads &

Web Development


Increase in Social Media Page Visits


Link Clicks into Summer Hiring Campaign  


Increase in Job


Ready to Elevate Your Healthcare Marketing?

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